PCB Design

PCB Design

PCB Design

                                                                                             program analysis                                         


Program analysis determines how the schematic of the circuit is designed and also affects how the PCB is planned.Plan comparison and selection should be carried out according to design requirements to select components, etc.Program analysis is one of the most important links in a development project.


circuit simulation


Before designing the circuit schematic diagram, sometimes the design of some part of the circuit is not very sure, so it needs to be verified by circuit simulation.Circuit simulation can also be used to determine the parameters of some important components in the circuit.


Design schematic components


Cretron EDA provides a library of components, but not all of them.If the required components cannot be found in the components, the user shall design the schematic diagram file by himself and establish his own component library.


Schematic drawing


 After all the required schematic elements are found, the schematic drawing can be started.According to the complexity of the circuit, we can decide whether to use the hierarchical schematic diagram. After completing the schematic diagram drawing, we can use the ERC (electrical rule inspection) tool to check, find the cause of the error, modify the schematic diagram of the circuit, and conduct ERC inspection again until there is no principled error.


Design device package


As with the schematic device library, it is not possible to provide all device packages.Users can design and build new component packaging library when they need.(encapsulation can be done synchronously at step 3)


Design of PCB


 After confirming that the schematic diagram is correct, PCB design can be started.Firstly, PCB outline was drawn, process requirements were determined (how to use several layers of boards, etc.), then the schematic diagram was seamlessly converted into PCB, and the layout and wiring were completed under the guidance of network table (briefly introducing the origin and function of each component), design rules and schematic diagram.The design rules inspection tool checks the drawn PCB.PCB design is another key link of circuit design, it will feel the actual performance of the product, need to refer to many factors, different circuits have different requirements.

design drawing 


Document finishing


                                            Save schematic, PCB layout and component list for future maintenance and modification.



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